Product launch: wellSim Interact™

Simulator for drilling and well engineering and training of all engineering disciplines

To target the industry’s need for an engineering focused drilling and well operation simulator, eDrilling has released a new product in the wellSim product family; wellSim Interact. wellSim Interact is the simulator for engineering and training of all well engineering disciplines.

In its generic form, it represents the ultimate training/engineering system to provide high-fidelity feedback from the well, responding in real time on interactive user input. This gives students/engineers unparalleled insight and understanding of well behavior at various conditions and control input, which would otherwise require years of operational experience.

Configured with a specific well, wellSim™ Interact provides a platform to ensure safe, effective and efficient well delivery for any planned well; Multi-disciplinary teams can study the dynamic well behavior for details of the plan, and verify that plans and procedures are optimal and safe. The risk areas can be pre-run in the simulator, and the teams can train on potential malfunctions occurring during critical operations.

wellSim Interact fits into the Life Cycle Drilling Simulation concept – advanced dynamic drilling models and diagnosis technology merged with 3D visualization into a “virtual wellbore”. wellSim Interact supports the planning and training phase of the Life Cycle Simulation.

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