CAVU International and eDrilling team up to offer Crew Resource Management training in simulator

Joint offering to help enhance safety and improve teamwork.

CAVU International and eDrilling today announced the formation of a partnership to provide the energy industry with Crew Resource Management (CRM) training utilizing eDrilling’s training simulator – wellSim™.

Configured with a specific well, wellSim™ provides a platform to ensure safe, effective and efficient well delivery for any planned well; Multi-disciplinary teams can study the dynamic well behavior for details of the plan, and verify that plans and procedures are optimal and safe. The risk areas can be pre-run in the simulator, and the drilling and/or engineering teams can train on potential malfunctions occurring during critical operations.

“We deliver the coaching and mentoring necessary to improve team behaviors and organizational culture, and eDrilling the opportunity to train on your own wells and your own drilling issues” remarks David Burnham, CEO of CAVU International, “making the training comprehensive for and fully relevant to your teams and organization.”

“The CAVU International team has extensive experience from military and energy sectors. Through this partnership, we can provide our customers with access to some of the finest expertise in the world for high hazard work environments,” adds Tor Olav Schibevaag, CEO of eDrilling. “Moreover, with Cavu’s newly founded Russia business unit, the partnership will support the development of the Russian market.”