E & P Consulting and eDrilling team up

E&P Consulting and eDrilling today announced the formation of a partnership aimed at better serving E&P companies operating in the UK and Holland.

E&P Consulting and eDrilling have partnered to strengthen the capabilities to deliver enhanced value to customers, with drilling and well performance solutions and services ranging from planning, training, to real-time drilling, and analysis and reporting, complemented with training, and support, to the growing number of clients in the North Sea.

“The significant cost of conducting drilling campaigns and the corresponding need to ensure each campaign runs as efficiently as possible, means that identifying and utilizing the right technologies is of utmost importance,” remarks Ian Kennedy, Drilling and Completions Partner at E&P Consulting. “Our talented consultants, real world experience, and proven methods, combined with eDrilling’s game changing drilling and well simulation technologies should benefit the E&P companies in the region.”

“Domain knowledge, strong business consulting, combined with delivery excellence, makes E&P Consulting unique,” adds Tor Olav Schibevaag, CEO of eDrilling. “Through this partnership, we can provide our customers with access to some of the finest expertise in the UK and Holland. We look forward to working on future customer collaborations with them.”