eDrilling to present Drill Well in Simulator™ at ITF Showcase 2016 Exhibition and Conference

The 2016 Showcase will focus on technology’s role in transforming costs and increasing efficiency now. During the Well Construction & Drilling Automation session, Drilling will present how real team simulation and decision support optimizes the drilling and well operations.

Using real time transient models during the drilling and well operation gives a good understanding of the well situation. Combining real time simulations with automatic diagnostics, forward looking simulations, what if simulation and a real time 3D down hole visualization gives a proactive approach to the operation and the risks. Comparing well sensors with the real time modelled well gives an advantage in detecting events and anomalies in the operation in an early stage. The use of forward looking modelling and diagnostics elevates the well awareness to another level where events can be detected prior to them actually happening. When diagnostics or forward looking simulations predict an event, the what-if simulations possibility can be run on the different alternative solutions to mitigate the problem and prepare for the most appropriate decision to be made. This presentation will present a novel technology system which allows advanced transient modelling to be applied during the whole lifecycle of construction of a well; with the objective to significantly reduce costs and improve safety. The modelling basis, the infrastructure, the various lifecycle products (planning, training, RT operation) and the total system will be presented. Thereafter some cases will be described where achievements in cost savings and risk reductions have been made.

At the Exhibition, we will be present at Booth 50. eDrilling will be exhibiting as part of R-Cade, a network of companies dedicated to innovation and co-operation for real time drilling excellence and drilling decision support. The network offers solutions for communications and hosting, visualization and monitoring, collaboration tools, as well as eDrilling’s well life-cycle simulation solutions.

The ITF Technology Showcase is a collaborative, innovation and technology focused exhibition and conference. It takes place at Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre (AECC) on Wednesday 9th March.