Webinar: Team Training on your own well(s) and formation(s)

Attend this webinar to learn more about how you through training your team on your own well and formation, can move towards the industry’s vision of achieving zero incidents in operations and drilling the perfect well.
The webinar will cover how to maintain and enhance safety focus and save cost by training in a simulator with advanced modelling of the downhole process, as well as how to proceed to put your team(s) through such training.

Although optimal for technical incidents with high risk potential, this webinar is not limited to those with complex wells ahead of them. Every well, also «straightforward wells», are potential disasters and/or significant NPT, and should benefit from “Drill Well in Simulator™”

If you are interested in joining our 30 minute webinar on March 17 please click on the «register» link below and choose between 09:00 and 15:00.


Just Sverre Wessel

Just Sverre Wessel is Operations Manager at Maersk Training in Stavanger, Norway. He has extensive experience in the field of live well support, and was previously MT’s Chief Instructor. Prior to MT Just was a Driller with Maersk Drilling.

Morten Svendsen

Morten Svendsen is Product Manager at eDrilling, with responsibility for the training and visualization product line. He has experience from training drilling crews with our advanced down hole simulator, and advising on several wells drilled on the NCS using our real time decision support system.