wellSim hiDRILL at SOCAR’s Education Training and Certification Department

Education, Training and Certification Department of SOCAR has been functioning with the purpose of training highly qualified specialists for oil industry and other spheres of industry of the country based on orders, building training and education process at the level of international standards’ requirements, organizing high-level trainings meeting the demands of the industry and the public, providing methodical and technical services in certification and implementation of theoretical bases of international standards, including holding trainings for offshore oil workers based on international contracts conforming to the requirements of international standards and international offshore conventions.

The department has been carrying out training for new workman personnel at vocational training institutions on individual professions, retraining of SOCAR’s technical workers to the required level, providing instruction to those admitted to enterprises and organizations of the company on labour protection and safety rules, attestation of welders working at enterprises and organizations and certification thereof to international standards.

wellSimhiDRILL Essentials is a pure training version of the wellSimhiDRILL simulator. Well and equipment libraries supports building training scenarios; to fit the needs of the training goals.