eDrilling appoints Aoheds as regional Well Planning and Well Control Systems Integrator in China

eDrilling has signed on Aoheds as a local consulting and systems integrator partner in China in the eDrilling domain area of dynamic well planning and well control.  eDrilling will provide wellPlanner, the best in class software for well planning, along with Aoheds’ comprehensive service and support offerings.

“Teaming up with Aoheds will help customers maximize the benefits of our well planning and well control software,” said Derek Nadhan, Manager, Technical Services, APAC. “I believe our joint customers will see significant and differentiated value due to Aoheds’ unique expertise and proven ability .”

“We have a long history of working with our customers on well planning and well control”, said Zhang Yaqin, General Manager of Aoheds. “Adding eDrilling’s wellPlanner software to our arsenal, further ensures our capacity and capability to help our customers’ reach their goal of significantly reduce time spent on and quality of well planning and well engineering.”

About Aoheds
Beijing Aoheds Technology Development Co., Ltd is a specialist and high-tech company providing integrated solutions for oil and gas operators. Through close cooperation with multiple well-known international companies, Aoheds offers consulting and service within well integrity management, offshore structure engineering, consulting and service within corrosion rate prediction and material selection, PVT simulation within EOS Modeling and Flow Assurance for all kinds of fluids. More information on http://www.aoheds.com/en/.

For more information about eDrilling’s well planning and well control software solution, wellPlanner, check here.