Experience first-hand: Drill your well in simulator

For all those in the Stavanger area, we hereby invite you to join us, with our partners (Maersk Training and Oiltec) for a demo in our simulator facilities at Forus.  We will take you through a training session, where the drilling crew will be drilling a well to prepare for the offshore operation. An instructor will keep the audience updated on what the drilling crew is doing, and how the well reacts. Human factors will be an important part of the training and the simulator offers a unique space for the leaders and the crew to learn, to share know-how and to gain hands-on drilling experience.

After the drilling scenario is finished, the focus will move to operations. How can you bring the experience from the training session to the real operation.  And how automated monitoring and real-time optimization enables you to drill safer and more efficient.  And avoid NPT altogether.

We will finish up the session with some hot dogs and beverages and the people from eDrilling, Maersk Training and Oiltec will be around for questions, comments, and input.

Check your availability Thursday 9th of November, 15:00-17:00.  And register here.