wellSim hiDRILL 3.0 is released


An update to wellSim, our software for drilling your own well in simulator as preparation and training for upcoming drilling operations, has been released.

​The two main highlights in this release are major upgrades to the BOP accumulator system and stuck pipe functionality.

​wellSim hiDRILL 3.0 have a BOP system utilizing a modelled accumulator system. The stuck pipe update allows for training on different stuck/partial stuck scenarios.

​wellSim™ is the simulator family for engineering and training of all well engineering disciplines. By improving insight and understanding of dynamic well behavior, it has the potential to change the ways you plan and drill your complex wells.

wellSim™ hiDRILL™ is the real-time simulator for collaborative team training at all levels. It comprises the hiDRILL™ VR (Virtual Reality) top-side rig floor simulator (from our partner, Oiltec Solutions) dynamically coupled to the wellSim™ downhole simulator, providing a simulator with unprecedented realism and capability. The simulator responses provides real feedback all the way back on all driller’s chair instrumentation.  In its generic form, it provides a collaborative drilling team training system, featuring high-fidelity feedback from the well, responding in real time on the interaction from the drilling team. This gives the whole crew unparalleled insight and understanding of well behavior at various conditions and control input, which would otherwise require years of operational experience.

More on wellSim hiDRILL here.