With launch of Diagnostics 3.0, the world’s leading automated monitoring and real time optimization software just got (even) better

We are proud to announce the launch of Diagnostics 3.0, a new and expanded version of our diagnostics module. Using our digital twin, it is available as an integral part of our automated monitoring and real time optimization solution – wellAhead. The new version delivers new diagnostics, improved notifications, as well as allowing customer to choose between diagnostics, first action(s), and/or symptoms as their alert(s) of choice.


Reinventing drilling
Using a digital twin in drilling operations provides you with the tools to prevent hazards, avoid NPT, and optimize drilling performance.

The software detects anomalies at a very early stage, and provide crews with diagnostics messages and notifications in good time to make the necessary adjustments.

It’s forward- and what-if simulations capabilities allows you to change parameters for optimal drilling.


It works!

Recent study found that where eDrilling’s digital twin technologies was used in i) preparations for well, ii) automated monitoring of well, and iii) real-time optimization of well – or a combination of these – and found that these wells had no hazardous incidents and no sidetracks.

We analysed 60+ wells were our technologies had been actively utilised in preparation and/or operation, and where we had correct and sufficient data to conclude on the hypothesis. Thus, 40+ of our digital twins in the period were omitted, due to availability (contractual, geographical, policy) of data.

Sidetracks, or avoidance thereof, was the focal area of the study, although the study also found that there had been 0 hazardous incidents on the 60+ wells analysed. «Geological surprises» as reason for having to do a sidetrack were omitted. Cuttings build up, collapse, washout, and packoff leading to plugging the well, were included.

We have had 5000+ participants in drill well in simulator prior to operations, with 150+ well specific scenarios. Automated Monitoring and Real time Optimisation is used in all drilling operations. This includes Tripping, Drilling, Casing/Liner operations and Cementing. It is also used in advanced operations like MPD and DGD.