Business statement

Code of conduct

Our overall ambition is to take ethical, responsible and profitable decisions.

Our code of conduct applies to all our employees, executives and directors and is designed to help our people handle business circumstances professionally and fairly. We accordingly expect all our employees, partners, contractors and temporary staff to act with a high level of integrity and in a socially responsible and ethical manner. Furthermore, we expect them to behave in a collegial manner and to respect each other.

We have developed ten core principles for good business practices and ethical behaviour, and these are outlined in our code of conduct.

  • We comply with laws and regulations
  • We respect our colleagues
  • We ensure healthy and safe working conditions
  • We protect our assets and confidential information
  • We respect fundamental human rights
  • We never make illegal payments
  • We select our business partners carefully
  • We avoid conflicts of interest
  • We compete fairly
  • We operate in an environmentally responsible manner