Our overall objective is to prevent harm to our people, material assets and the environment. We believe that a strong commitment to and compliance with our QHSE policy will contribute to sustainability, and provide predictability and confidence for our employees, customers and suppliers.

We have a structured and targeted management system. HSEQ objectives are established in our procedures, and we measure our performance. This enables us constantly to monitor and update our quality measures and to handle any deviations which may occur in a professional manner. At the same time, it ensures that current preventive measures are evaluated and implemented.

In eDrilling we will:

  • work actively to prevent accidents, injury to our people and loss of our material assets
  • increase employee motivation, expertise and safety through continuous training and development
  • work actively on improving health, safety and quality performance across our organisation
  • meet specified customer requirements and ensure continuous customer satisfaction
  • minimise our environmental impact by preventing pollution and reducing emissions, discharges and waste
  • set HSEQ performance objectives, measure results, and assess and continually improve the quality of our processes, services and products
  • provide clear job descriptions and ensure that our employees understand and act in accordance with budgets, objectives, handbooks, vision and values in a forward-looking and inspiring working environment

Policies and objectives:

eDrilling shall have focus on TQM to ensure that our customers and other interested parties are satisfied with the work performed

eDrilling shall plan and perform quality activities necessary to achieve an effective and reliable quality system, which fulfils the requirements in the ISO 9001:2000standard and other needs and expectations of the customers and other interested parties

eDrilling shall measure customers and other interested parties needs and expectations, analyse these and perform necessary improvements to achieve their satisfaction

eDrilling shall plan and perform audits, both internal and of suppliers, to ensure implementation of the quality system

eDrilling shall have the most qualified personnel available for the work to be performed and shall further educate the personnel to face new challenges

eDrilling employees are committed to learn and comply with the defined quality system and shall report any deviations and proposals for improvement

The management shall review the system minimum once (1) every year to ensure the effectiveness of the system
In short terms, the organisation shall, Measure, Analyse and Improve to ensure satisfaction of customers and other interested parties.