wellAhead enables decision makers to have better insight into the status of the well and formation surrounding the well and thus make better and quicker decisions.

wellAhead uses all available real-time drilling data (surface and downhole) in combination with real-time modeling and operational plans to monitor and provide advisory for more optimal drilling. This information is visualized real-time in a graphical user interface.


wellAhead monitoring tripping operation


ECD increase due to more cuttings in well

wellAhead is an integral part of our Life Cycle Drilling Simulation concept – advanced dynamic drilling models and diagnosis technology merged with 3D visualization into a “virtual wellbore”.

The various drilling models interact, and can be used in the whole drilling value chain from planning & design (wellPlanner) through training and scenario developments (wellSim) and then real-time monitoring/operations (wellAhead) and finally post analysis and experience transfer (wellAhead Replay and wellAhead ReCalc service)

The solution combine a transient integrated drilling simulator (Intellectus™IDS) with a decision support system which supports all life-cycles of drilling a well; planning, training, drilling and post-analysis/Learning.