2016: IADC/SPE-178857-MS A challenging HPHT Operation Supported by Dynamic Real Time Simulation, Forecasting and 3D Visualization
2015: SPE/IADC 178207-MS Use of a Life Cycle Drilling Simulation System on a Challenging HPHT Drilling Operation in the Norwegian Sea
2015: SPE-173145-MS A Dynamic Dual Gradient Model and its Use for Training Prior to DGD Operations in Norway and GoM
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2011: SPE-140224-MS Documentation of risk and cost-reducing potential by utilizing an automatic supervision and decision support system during drilling a challenging HPHT well
2010: SPE-130325-MS Experiences from use of a managed pressure drilling & ECD management system during drilling of a challenging HPHT well
2010: SPE-127809 Real Time Integration of ECD, Temperature, Well Stability and Geo Pore Pressure Simulations during drilling a challenging HPHT well
2010: IADC/SPE 128648 Drilling a challenging HPHT well utilizing an advanced ECD Management System with decision support and real time simulations
2008: SPE/IADC 112533 Automatic Real-Time Drilling Supervision, Simulation, 3D Visualisation and Diagnosis on Ekofisk
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2008: SPE-114688-MS A General Dynamic Model for Single and Multi-Phase Flow Operations during Drilling, Completion, Well Control and Intervention
2008: SPE 112109 eDrilling used on Ekofisk for Real-Time Drilling Supervision, Simulation, 3D
2007: SPE 106903 eDrilling: A System for Real-Time Drilling Simulation, 3D Visualization and Control

Case studies