Flow Model

This includes an advanced transient flow and temperature model.

The model will handle calculation of:

  • Pressure/ECD, temperature along the well bore
  • Pit volume vs. time while drilling and circulating
  • Flow of cuttings including cuttings slip
  • Transient well pressure and flow vs. time during surge and swab; handling details of individual stands as well as and tripping the whole string in or out
  • Equivalent Static Density and temperature vs. time during static periods, e.g. flow tests
  • Transient pressure and flow vs. time while resuming circulation after static periods
  • Influx and multi-phase flows
  • The model includes state of art sub-models for frictional pressure loss and fluid density. Pressure and temperature dependence of fluid properties are taken into account through the input of laboratory data (rheology, density, thermal properties), or by using published correlations on fluid density.

A few key parameters are selected for tuning of the model during real time operation.

The flow model has been extended to multi-phase flow, to be used for well control operations and underbalanced drilling. The model has been used in design, procedure development and also for real time optimization and follow-up of critical operations.